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Fashion Models Undressed. Nellie Tang... another Malaysian Beauty who started her modelling career by first taking off her clothes in front of the right people. All the juicy details can be seen first hand here.

All fashion models earn money on the side. It is a matter of digging up the evidence of their obscure and shady modelling assignments.

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Suni Makati...
This Indonesian Model has it, a perfect body and the a really neat vagina..
Mandy Chua takes the plunge.
She agrees to be photographed in action with a trustworthy "Friend".
In addition, see Susie Lopez & Penelope Key from Macao plus Tracy Chen who is currently one of the top models in Taiwan. The pics here were taken a couple of years ago before she became an overnight sensation.

When it comes to charm, beauty & sexuality, Thai women are simply impossible to beat!
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